First visit of the Turkish Section of the Junior Chamber International to the operating Russian nuclear power station

The representatives of the Turkish Section of the Junior Chamber International and Turkish power companies have paid a working visit to Kalinin NPP. The Russian side has prepared a massive introductory program. The visit to such a sensitive facility requires various concurrences, but all members of the delegation have successfully received temporary passes allowing access to the NPP territory. They were instructed how to conduct at the NPP. Prior to enter the nuclear power plant territory the Turkish guests called at the Information Centre. They were in detail briefed about the history of the plant, principles of its operation and safety. Special attention has been paid to a community where the plant is located. A small hamlet with wooden houses and without any public utilities was here before the construction. The NPP construction started in 1974, and the budget allocated for Kalinin NPP has allowing erecting a new multistory block of flats. Now it is a modern town with extensive infrastructure, with education and public health systems, with a network of cultural and social institutions. The NPP provides the town with hot water and heat. The nearby settlements are also provided with the hear supply.

After the visit to the Public Information Center the delegation headed to the territory of the secured facility. Its’ members when leaving the check point were provided with special hardhats and gloves. The plant is located on a large territory. So the most important facilities were suggested for visiting. After the tour to the turbine island, where the turbine house is located, the visitors had to pass another check point to get to the control post which controls all operating systems of the plant. After detailed explanation of the main principles of the NPP operation, answers to questions, the guests visited the Training Department, where there are control panels of different generation units, from the most common up to the modern equipment. Here the Turkish power specialists had opportunity to simulate operation of a nuclear power plant. At each visited facility of Kalinin NPP the guests were able to communicate with plant’s specialists, directly involved in operation and maintenance of the equipment, in skilled staff training.

According to Kerem Mermer, the head of the delegation and the project manager in «Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S», this is a first visit of the representatives of the organization and power companies to the nuclear power plant. «Previously we visited many various power plants, but now we saw the nuclear power plant operation. We are specifically very impressed and content with safety of the entire process because same safety practice is to be applied at Akkuyu NPP in Turkey».

Kerem Mermer being the head of the Energy Investment Group stated as a main goal of his visit to Kalinin NPP information of potential investors ready to spend money for the nuclear industry: «Undoubtedly, all we saw and learned here we ought to transfer to them».

Kerem Mermer has cited three reasons why his countrymen should construct NPPs in Turkey, namely, NPP safety, installed capacity of a power unit and social aspect. «All fears of the Turkish population we can illustrate using as an example town of Udomlya. It is very illustrative and shows how people can live nearby the NPP without any fears. Capacity of the nuclear power plant is very important factor. One unit of 1000 MW capacity is just what Turkey needs to sustain reliable power system. And finally, the brand new town had been built in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. This is very important both socially and economically. We are very thankful to Rosatom and Akkuyu NPP JSC for the invitation to visit Kalinin NPP, for the wonderful reception and great satisfaction».

The culture program has been suggested to the Turkish delegation after its visit to the plant. The guests were very impressed by the story about eminent Russian artists, smith-craft master class, folk songs, crapes and ancient honey beverage.