Aliriza Tanas in the delegation visited the Russian NPPs


The interview transcript of the representatives of the Turkish delegation after visiting Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant. May, 2012


Citation (direct speech):

Aliryza Tanas, Head of the Department for Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Construction of the Republic of Turkey

“At the present time we are preparing to construct the nuclear power plant being the first one in the history of  Turkey, so we cannot boast that we have great experience and scope of knowledge in this sphere, we visited the Russian nuclear power plants (Novovoronezh NPP-1 and NPP-2) to receive the additional information from our qualified Russian colleagues. Two days of our visit were very active and informative. There were many issues and answers, we received much information: visually as well as in the form of theoretical knowledge and presentations. All our questions were answered and we were satisfied with them. I can say that most of that questions I had before flying to Russia were explained and systematized. I certainly need the time to digest the whole scope of information. The population has different opinions as regards nuclear power plants, as they don’t know exactly what it is, they didn’t have it and they don’t have enough knowledge concerning essence of existing of such plants. We are sure that we can make clear the received information for the residents of our country, and they interpret NPP construction in a more constructive way, and the corresponding agencies are ready to begin the construction works. The report on environment impact assessment procedure as well as in Russia shall be drawn up by the specific commission including the experts of different agencies. The information acquired at the operating NPPs shall be transferred to the corresponding representatives of this commission. I am sure that this knowledge will be useful for them to make the objective decision as to the safety of NPP and the degree of importance for construction of nuclear power plants.”