Announce to the mass media personnel


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JOINT STOCK COMPANY, a Turkish company with 100% of the Russian capital, finds it necessary to make the following announce due to appearance in mass media allegations misleading the public. The publications made appearance in the Turkish mass media on September 03 and 04, 2015.


The former employee of the Mersin Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP has performed an act which is subject to Article 25/2-С of Law No.4857 of the Republic of Turkey: «commission of sexual actions with respect of another employee of the employer». He admitted his fault and wrote a letter of voluntary resignation. It supported by the document dated 17.08.2015 and signed by his own hand (below is a scanned copy of the letter).




Translation: «….hereby I inform that due to commission of sexual actions regulated by Article 25/2-С of Law №4857, I consent to immediate termination of the labor contract. Due to the aforesaid cause I voluntarily lay down all responsibilities and duties I was authorized from 28.06.2011 /17.08.2015/


                                                                                                          Mehmet Faruk Uzel



In view of the committed actions AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC sent an application to the department of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Mersin province on September 2015 on institution of the legal proceedings. Thus any declarations about technical aspects of the Akkuyu NPP construction project, which Faruk Uzel is communicating via mass media over a period of two days, are not legally and technically reliable. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC performs all its activities openly and in accordance with the standards, regulations and under control of international organizations and governmental agencies of the Republic of Turkey. The litigation will be initiated against persons and mass media which published the information obtained without verification of its trustworthiness.