Representatives of the AKKUYU NPP JSC`s Management paid a visit to industrial enterprises of the Republic of Turkey


Representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC took part in the information meeting organized by the Association of Industrialists of Tekirdağ region (TEKSANDER) and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) of the Republic of Turkey.


Necati Yamaç, Head of the MENR’s Nuclear Energy Project Development Department, attended the meeting prepared with support of the regional science, technology and industry directorate, which brought together leading small and medium-sized businesses of Tekirdağ Province (Turkey). He made a presentation “Why Turkey needs an NPP”.



Eşref Akın, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Industrialists of Tekirdağ Province, opened the information meeting: «In the nearest future we hope to add a new type of activities to our region industries. Nuclear power plants successfully operate in many countries outside Turkey. We would like to establish companies and become suppliers not only for the NPPs under construction in the Republic of Turkey but for other nuclear power plants in the rest of the world». Then Necati Yamaç took the floor. In his presentation he told about development of the nuclear energy in Turkey as well as about the status of the NPPs under construction on territory of the Republic of Turkey. The MENR representative mentioned positive aspects of the nuclear power plants’ commissioning for the country’s economy when highlighting a necessity to develop the nuclear energy. Necati Yamaç said the Turkey ranked first in Europe as to demand for power and second in the world after PRC (People’s Republic of China). Uptick of the country’s economy and population entails increase in power demand. «Need for electricity grows faster (by 2023 it will double) than need in economy growth», - Necati Yamaç said. He reminded that Turkey started development of its nuclear energy concurrently with South Korea as far back in 20th century: «In 2010 we signed the Intergovernmental Agreement to build Akkuyu NPP and South Korea has already constructed its 21st power unit. Today we see that rich countries with natural gas and oil sources operate NPPs. For instance, United Arab Emirates develops the nuclear energy despite the fact that it is one of the richest states as to the natural gas». Necati Yamaç also addressed the following topics: Akkuyu NPP construction project, Sinop NPP project, arrangements to develop infrastructure in the area of the nuclear energy as well as activities of regional suppliers, equipment for nuclear power plants, categories and unit prices of products for NPPs.



Following the presentation of the representative of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey the representatives of the AKKUYU NPP JSC Management made a presentation and informed the participants about the first Turkish NPP as well as about the “Procurement system in the Russian nuclear industry, selection of suppliers and service providers”. The Deputy CEO for Operation of AKKUYU NPP JSC Oleg Titov thanked the Association of Industrialists of Tekirdağ Province for the opportunity to become familiar with production facilities of enterprises. He said: «We have established the working group to localize production under the Akkuyu NPP project in Mersin Province in association with MENR. The representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Turkey are rendering an extensive support to us. I’d like to remind that the fundamental difference of a NPP from a CHP is that the first uses uranium instead of coal or gas. The NPP equipment of 1st and 2nd class of safety requires work experience in the nuclear sphere. As to the rest of equipment there are very little differences between that used for CHP in the whole world. Experience and wish are only needed, and representatives of Turkish enterprises possess such qualities. The Project Company will build the NPP in conformity with the requirements of the Turkish law. Now we are engaged in expansion of the list of the equipment to be used. We pay great attention to localization of production in the Republic of Turkey and need local suppliers and manufacturers. The Russian Federation is funding the project, so we must comply with the Russian standards and rules when organizing procurement procedures». After the speech of Oleg Titov, the representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC: Head of Market Analysis and Procurement Department Valery Lobovich and Specialist in main contracts of the NPP construction Mikhail Mashinistov, answered to questions of the information meeting participants.


The Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission under the Association of Industrialists of Tekirdağ Province Cem Yıldırım provided the attendees with the information about the industrial structure of the region. He expressed a wish of the industrialists of Tekirdağ Province to participate in implementation of the NPP projects on territory of the Republic of Turkey. Cem Yıldırım said: «The industrialists of Tekirdağ Province directly supported by the Governor would like to take part in the NPP construction projects on territory of the Republic of Turkey. We would like to strengthen our leading positions in energy sector and in industries related to power generation. The goal of the joint meetings is not only manufacturing of equipment and materials for the nuclear industry of Turkey but an opportunity to enter international markets in this area. We would like to arrange meetings with specialists in equipment, know-how and engineering».


Mahmut Yıldırım, Deputy Governor of Tekirdağ Province, said in his speech: «Our province has an experience and material potential which allow becoming a part of large-scale projects. We need nuclear energy; the nuclear power plants in Akkuyu and Sinop will let to close large breaches in the country’s power needs. On behalf of the executive power of Tekirdağ Province I can assure that we will render extensive support to cooperation with Akkuyu NPP».


The representatives of MENR and AKKUYU NPP JSC visited big industrial enterprises of Tekirdağ Province after the information meeting.



For reference:

Tekirdağ Province is located in the north-west of Turkey, the administrative center (central region) of the area is the city of Tekirdağ. The population of the region as of 2013 is 874 475 people. Agriculture and industry are the core businesses. The province has more than 700 enterprises.



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