Senior Officers of Akkuyu NPP took part in the Contracting Conference


Oleg Titov, Head of the AKKUYU NPP JSC Moscow Representative Office, and Ilya Smirnov, Deputy CEO – Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs, took part in the Conference “Contracting for EPC Projects and Services in the Energy Industry”. The following issues have been addresses at the event: review of components and criteria to assess efficiency of contractors’ work and service tender proposals; formation of working groups within a company for its effective operation; elaboration of key performance indicators etc.


Michael Steinberg, procurement expert and independent consultant with many years’ experience, spoke at the Conference. He talked to the participants about processes within the qualification selection of contractors, requests and models for evaluation of procurement process participants, negotiations and settlement of problems arising during the contract implementation. Some practical cases were suggested to the participants; eventually everyone suggested founded proposals how to solve some or other task. Well-founded conclusions as per suggested solutions were evaluated during the discussion and analysis of responses.


Oleg Titov, Head of the AKKUYU NPP JSC Moscow Representative Office, said: «Such events are valuable for the top management of companies. The Conference has allowed assessing the level of the corporate culture in use by the Contract and Procurement Department of the Project Company. I would like to note, that all such activities when building the first Turkish nuclear power plant meet all international standards and regulations. Moreover, I am sure that in some aspects of such activities our Company outdoes foreign analogues. Our specialists are already able to share their own experience».




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Srevice