The fourth group of students from Turkey came to study in Russia


A meeting of the fourth group of students enrolled in the Russian National Research Nuclear University “Moscow Engineering Physics Institute” was held in Ankara with the representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, the Russian Embassy in Turkey, the State Corporation “Rosatom”, the Project Company AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and “Rossotrudnichestvo”.


Turkish Minister of Energy Taner Yildiz welcomed the participants and said that it has already become a good tradition to send new students to study in Russia in the field of atomic energy. The Minister drew the participants' attention to the fact that there are over 400 nuclear power units being successfully operated at the moment all over the world, and most of them are located in the developed countries. In his speech Yildiz noted that 13% of the total energy consumption in Turkey accounts for Istanbul, the largest city in the country. “The amount of electricity that will be generated by “Akkuyu” NPP will fully cover the annual electricity demand of Istanbul”, the Minister stated. He noted that the completion of the review procedure of the EIA Report (environment impact assessment) of the draft of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey is expected in the near future, and added, “Upon the completion of the first two nuclear power plants in the territory of the Republic of Turkey we plan to reach a level at which we are able to build a nuclear power plant using our own resources. Turkey has all the necessary facilities for that.” The Minister of Energy told the audience that in recent years the total installed capacity of all power plants in the country increased by 14%. He drew attention to the fact that even those countries which produce significant amounts of oil and natural gas build NPPs on their territory. For example, there are 100 operating nuclear power units in the United States, and most of the countries of the European Union have their own nuclear power plants, or use electricity generated by nuclear power plants of neighboring countries.



Deputy Minister of Energy Ilker Sert addressed the students, “You have repeatedly proven your ability to succeed, passing entrance exams, successfully passing a written exam and being successfully interviewed to be selected from among the candidates for studying in Russia. I have no doubt that you will study well and honorably represent our country abroad. 174 people are already studying in MEPhI, they will tell you everything and help you when necessary. I think you will adapt quickly enough”.


The Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC Fuad Akhundov stated addressing to the gathered students, “I ​​believe that you will successfully complete your studying in Russia. I can assure you that you made ​​the right choice. Turkey’s future is inextricably linked to nuclear power. You have to develop a new branch of the Republic of Turkey – a nuclear one. On the part of the Project Company we will give the necessary support and all the conditions for you to complete your education successfully. You have to be disciplined, persistent and insistent in studying technical subjects”.


Adviser to the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Alexander Epifanov greeted the students, “Your future profession is reliable and prestigious, it is necessary for you and your country, which has chosen nuclear power as a source of electricity generation. I am sure that with the participation of MEPhI students, the Republic of Turkey will reach a new level of economic development”. The representative of “Rossotrudnichestvo” Alexander Duranov also congratulated the students. He noted, “Studying at MEPhI, one of the most prestigious higher technical educational institutions of Russia, you will get to know Russian culture and find good friends. I believe that each of you will contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between our countries”.


After the speech of officials the future nuclear experts had an opportunity to ask questions. One of the students, addressing the Minister, asked, “The first nuclear power plant in the world was built in 1954 in the USSR. Why Turkey had not built any nuclear power plant since that time?” Taner Yildiz thanked for a good question, and replied, “Attempts to initiate a project for construction of a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey have been made for half a century, but they all failed until 2002”. The Minister noted that “before Party of Justice and Development has come to power an average term of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkey was 1.5 years. The period of project implementation related to construction of NPP is about 10 years, while our government operated only for a year and a half. This time is not enough to implement a large-scale project for the construction of NPP. In this case, the factor of political stability is of particular importance, which is now characteristic for the Turkish Republic. As a result of this fact, our country has signed two inter-governmental agreements on NPP construction”.


In order to become Russian university students the young people had to pass written exams and then to be interviewed. The fourth group consisted of students of 27 universities from 16 regions. In general there were 4,898 applications submitted in Turkey this year from students of Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul University, Technical University and other leading technical universities of the country. MEPhI teachers selected 568 people from among the applicants. After admission tests 83 people were left, who formed the new group. This is the fourth set of students to receive the Russian education in the field of nuclear energy. All students, if they choose to work in nuclear specialty, will have to work in the future at Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in Turkey, in the province of Mersin. The total duration of studying will be about 7 years: during one year the students will learn Russian, then they will study in the specialty for four years, and then they will complete an internship on one of the existing nuclear power plants in Russia, depending on the qualification at the end of studying.


The curator of the students, the Officer of the Project Company AKKUYU NPP JSC Umit Kyzylkaya, who arrived in Moscow with students, said, “It was a busy day. In the morning they had an official meeting at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, and then we all went to the airport of Ankara for the flight to Moscow. Students are under the impression from the meeting with the Minister and are determined to proceed with the study of technical disciplines in the Russian university”. At Moscow airport the future freshmen of MEPhI were met by representatives of the university, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, correspondent of the “Hurriyet” Newspaper, and journalists of the “Cihan” Information Agency. From the airport the group went to Obninsk for dormitory accommodation. Freshmen were happily met by their countrymen and mentors who study in the Institute of Atomic Energy MEPhI. They promised to take the guys under patronage to help them study Russian and adapt to life in Russia. In the next few days they are going to proceed with the rich education program.


For reference: The professionals in the field of nuclear energy for the Republic of Turkey are trained within the framework of the Intergovernmental Agreement, which was signed on May 12, 2010 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. Today 174 Turkish citizens study in MEPhI in atomic specialties (71 freshmen, 62 second year and 41 third year students).