The Russian President visited NNRU MEPhI, where the Turkish students are taught


Today the Russian President paid a visit to the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. The President has been met by the University’s Rector Mikhail Strikhanov, the Minister of education of Russia Dmitriy Livanov, President assistant Andrey Fursenko and the CEO of Rosatom, Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, Sergey Kirienko. The MEPhI Rector showed to the President of Russia some exhibition stands about the history of the University and its current status. Vladimir Putin discussed important issues of the higher education, acquainted with development prospects of the University and with the recent developments in the field of nuclear technologies. The President of Russia said: "in Russia’s energy mix, a share of nuclear power is not big, just 16%. Our goal is to reach 25%. This speaks of the fact that by 2030 we must build 28 more power units».


Vladimir Putin added that in addition to this number Rosatom State Corporation had got orders for building 22 nuclear power units abroad. Putin expressed the opinion that the further development of nuclear power in the world is inevitable, in spite of the fact that after the NPP Fukushima-1 accident two countries, Germany and Japan, abandoned development of this area. "All other world countries consider necessary to develop nuclear power, and I think this is inevitable. It is impossible to reverse the progress» — he added. According to Putin, what Rosatom SC offers as projects for both domestic and international markets meets higher safety standards introduced after the accident in Japan.


The NRNU MEPhI Rector Mikhail Strikhanov noted that MEPhI is one of a few Russian universities, which enter into some global ratings. He told the President about implementation of the main University’s programs, about plans to attract scientists of world-wide reputation to lecture in the University.


In one of classrooms the Russian President communicated with students. Students-winners of scientific contests of MEPhI and its affiliates in Russian regions (Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kaluga and other oblasts), foreign students and among them Gökçehan Tosun, a second-year student of MEPhI from Turkey, were invited to meet with the President of the Russian Federation.



Photo by Press service of Russain President and Russian Newspaper


In the course of dialogue Vladimir Putin said: «One can for sure say that specialists of NRNU MEPhI are absolute leaders in the world in a lot of areas. I would like to wish you all the best in your studies and in your future employment».


Young engineers showed to the President a unique endoscopic capsule, which has nothing comparable in the world. Vladimir Putin inquired the students about the outcomes of their examinations, discussed with them some issues and congratulated them with the upcoming Russian Students Day (Note: celebrated in Russia on January 25). After this the choir of NRNU MEPhI performed a musical composition, and when the President saw the grand piano in the audience hall, he sit at the musical instrument and softly played a melody of famous Russian song “Moscow windows”.


After the meeting with the Russian President, Gökçehan Tosun shared her impressions: «Vladimir Putin understands students and their life very well He promised to solve issues regarding allocation of grants for innovative developments of talented guys. It is nice to see how the President of such a big country pays close attention to the education system and can find time to personally communicate with students in his aggressive schedule».


NRNU MEPhI is a leading technical University of Russia, one of the first Russian Institution of higher education, which had received the status of the National Research University, which provides it with some privileges. The University is specialized in nuclear physics and nuclear technologies. MEPhI carries out fundamental scientific research, teaches competent specialists for nuclear industry, and maintains contacts with leading Universities all over the world.



Reference: as of today 190 Turkish students are being trained in NRNU MEPhI of nuclear specialties (78 attend the pre-university courses, 64 are the first year students and 48 are the second year students).




Press service of Akkuyu NPP JSC