Turkish children returned home by winning the hearts of the Russians



The International Children Creative Project «Nuclear Кids - 2012» («NucКids») has ended. It started in Russia on July 18 in “Orlenok”, well-known children’s recreation center. 76 children from different countries - Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, South Korea, South Africa, Hungary and India - took part in it. The project participants not only well relaxed during 20 days on the Black Sea coast but staged an original musical show, “Dream Station”. Professional musicians, actors, dancers, dressers, make-up persons worked with the young actors.


Russian State Corporation Rosatom was an initiator and organizer of the creative project «Nuclear Кids». Participation of the Russian stars in the International children’s creative project as teachers or guests became a tradition. But this year children were very lucky. Robertino Loretti, legendary Italian singer, visited them. The master responded children’s questions, provided them with some useful advices and rendered together with them one of his most famous song “Santa Lucia”.


Alexey Frandetti was a producer of the musical in 2012. He said that the “task to stage a professional musical with almost eighty actors during 20-day session seems fantastic. The most interesting and at the same time the most difficult of this year project was the script, and very complicated music. There were Broadway musicals, which collected full houses, and we got an official permit to perform that musical stuff”. And the result has exceeded all expectations. Despite the aggressive schedule and stage complication the children not only masterfully met the challenge but performed the musical in Russian cities, Volgodonsk, Kurchatov and Moscow. The final performance of «Nuclear Кids - 2012» happened in «Magyar Színház» Budapest Theater. In spite of the summer holiday season the performance gathered a large audience; spectators welcomed performers and greeted them with huge cakes as tokens of recognition.


In an interview with journalists after the performance, Sergey Novikov, the author of the idea of the project and Director of the Communication Department, State Corporation Rosatom, said: «having established the «NucКids» children creative project 4 years ago, the organizers were guided by the idea of giving opportunity for communication of nuclear workers’ children, who live in different cities and countries. Owing to the project the friendly relations between them are established like in the “Dream Station” musical.


“Dream Station” musical is a show about might of friendship, love and children’s dreams narrated through songs and dances. One of the young people intends for actor’s fame, some other wishes to find his father, the third one will find his love. A travel to Moscow gives hope for the comeback to the boy chained to the wheelchair. As it happens with dreams, sometimes they are not to come true, but the friendship, which has started between the travelers, will last for long. These ordinary human feelings are familiar to everyone, they unite us», - said one of the musical spectators, Balazh Ervin, 35.


The project «NucКids» has become very popular among the youngsters of the operating countries of the State Corporation Rosatom. This August is not ended but all are looking forward to summer 2013 to spend it at the seaside, at rehearsals and on the big stage of various cities.


Alexander Superfin, Chief Executive Officer of AKKUYU NPP, said: «This year our company supported the creative project «Nuclear Кids». We did all in power that a group of children from the Republic of Turkey well and profitably spent time. I hope that all children will keep sweet memories about participation in the creative international project, the main goal of which – to promote friendship and goodness. Next year AKKUYU NPP for sure will provide a possibility for participants from Turkey to visit the regular creative forum «Nuclear Кids».

 Press Service of AKKUYU NPP