Turkish children, winners of the art competition, go for award to Russia


The qualification stage of the creative and educational international project "Today, it is a fiction, tomorrow – it is a reality" completed in the Public Information Centers for Akkuyu NPP in the city of Mersin and Büyükeceli (Turkey). The traditional organizer of the competition was "Rosenergoatom" (a branch of "Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant"). This year schoolchildren were proposed to draw not just a picture, but a poster on the subject of "Nature and NPP: a friendly neighborhood." In addition, the authors had to come up with a slogan that would aptly and accurately reflect the main idea of their poster. But before the children proceeded with their task, everyone was invited to thePublicInformationCenter. The children were told about nuclear power, the first NPP to be built inTurkey, about the impact of electric power plants on the environment, they also watched interesting educational films and presentations, and received answers to all the questions about the peaceful atom. After that, art teachers of public schools held workshops, where they talked in detail about the laws of creation of artistic works and stressed that an interesting and effective poster should be simple, expressive and bright and it shall also easily convey relevant information to as many people as possible. All the children understood that it was an important matter. Their posters will be evaluated by the jury, the winners will go for the award to Russia, and based on the competition results all the works, which will come through to the final stage, will be presented at the exhibition in the city of Mersin. After the classes in thePublicInformationCenter, the schoolchildren said, "Now we know a lot about nuclear power. We have so many ideas that it would be difficult to implement them in one concept of drawing" and some said that when they grow up, they would like to work at such a large and significant facility as NPP.


At the appointed time, all creative works were presented for the attention of the strict, but fair jury. More than 50 posters made by paints, crayons and markers managed to reflect the fact that the nuclear power plant was the most environmentally friendly means to produce electricity for the entire country: people, enterprises, schools and hospitals ... The slogans were very different: "NPP - friend of the environment", "Nuclear power – yes!", "Our future - energy, our energy - NPP", "Nuclear power – friend of the whole world", "Nature and atom - hand in hand" and many others. The winners of the qualification stage of the creative and international educational project in the Republic of Turkey were the pupils of the primary school of the city of Mersin Barış Demirci, Damla Yeşiltepe and Cancel Ugran from the city of Büyükeceli with the slogans: "Akkuyu NPP - two countries hand in hand," "Life with NPP" and "Find the difference." In the nearest future the kids accompanied by adults will go for the award toRussia. There they will see for the first time the working nuclear power plant (Kalinin NPP), they will meet the children of their age from Tver andKaliningradregions and share their impressions. After that, Akkuyu NPP, which assumed all the costs of the Turkish children participation in the competition, organized for them an extensive sightseeing tour inMoscow. The works of the winners from theRepublicofTurkeyhave been already highly appreciated by the organizers of the competition, which this year was dedicated to environmental protection.



Akkuyu NPP Press-Service