Turkish students of the NRNU MEPhİ visited the research nuclear reactor in Istanbul Technical University


The Turkish students of the Russian National Research Nuclear University MEPhİ (NRNU MEPhİ) under the program for training specialist to operate Akkuyu NPP have visited Istanbul Technical University (UTU). They familiarized with the principles of operation of TRIGA Mark-II research nuclear reactor. Around 60 students took part in the visit arranges with the assistance of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey.



During their visit the students contacted Uner Çolak, PhD, professor, Head of the Energy and Technology Chair of the UTU’s Energy Institute, and told him about their life in Russia and educational process in the NRNU MEPhİ. Then they went to the conference hall, where the professor made a presentation titled «Introduction into nuclear energy and global nuclear technologies». After the presentation the future Turkish nuclear experts split into two groups and made a tour of the research reactor building, familiarized with its operation principles and learned what type of research were conducted during the power unit operation.


After the tour Bugra Akkoca, first year student of NRNU MEPhİ, shared his impressions about the visit to UTU: «Professor Uner Çolak follows the progress of the project and was happy to meet us for we will be the first Turkish specialists who will work at Akkuyu NPP. We visited the TRIGA reactor building, one of three operating nuclear research reactors in Turkey. We were told about its construction, technical characteristics and operation principles. The reactor is used to conduct scientific research and energy experiments based on chemical reactions».


Senanur Duyar, first year student, said: «During our visit we had a detailed presentation made by professor Uner Çolak about various types of the NPPs and nuclear reactor internals. Then we visited the building of TRIGA Mark-II research power unit. It is a small reactor where experiments are carried out while meeting the stringent safety measures. I can safe say that the most stringent safety measures will be applied at Akkuyu NPP to be built in Mersin Province, which will allow predicting probability of occurrence of any natural or man-induces cataclysms and even their combinations. The first nuclear power plant in Turkey will be very reliable and safe. And I want that the population of our county does not have groundless fears on this issue and puts credits to the professionals».


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Under the Intergovernmental Agreement signed on May 12, 2010 between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish students are trained in Russian Universities under the nuclear energy specialist training program. As of today the educational program of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC unites around 250 Turkish students who previously studied at engineering departments and natural sciences departments of various Universities of Turkey, and now are getting education at the Russian National Research Nuclear University MEPhİ (NRNU MEPhİ). In 2015 another 80 students from Turkey will join the program, 50 of whom will study in NRNU MEPhİ in Moscow, and the other 30 will study in Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPPU).


 Press Service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC